Mary Ellen Ziliak, RN, MSCS

speaker, author

Everyone has a life challenge, a red door.
What's yours?


Mary Ellen Ziliak, RN, MSCS


"Push your Red Door wide open and find the good stuff on the other side!"

This is Mary Ellen's direct approach to meeting any life challenge, what she calls a "Red Door." International speaker and published author, she captivates her audience and encourages them to always live life well and follow their heart.


I don't like reading long boring resume's so you won't find one here. I will tell you I sure have worn some interesting career hats though: Director of Nursing in a nunnery, nurse educator, rat handler, keynote in Brussels, Belgium, and henna tattoo artist. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up but I am having a lot of fun finding out.

1998 planted a big old Red Door in my path called multiple sclerosis. Now I about heaved my guts out pushing that sucker open and I got a few splinters in the process but I did find my good stuff on the other side. Now my life is full of adventures I never imagined.

My current life ministry is to share my journey and some of the golden nuggets I learned while pushing my Red Door wide open. If curiosity, doubt, or a dare nudges you to read my words or hear me talk, pay attention! I don't know exactly why you should, but I do totally believe in the synchronicity of life.

Wishing you peace, love, and muscles,

Mary Ellen Ziliak, RN, MSCS



"We all have a Red Door. What's yours?"

"Face it, embrace it, and live your life well!"

"If God puts it on my heart, I go for it. I don't think things to death anymore."

"I set one main goal a day. If I meet that one goal, I've had a successful day and purpose in my life."

Mary Ellen

"Open your Red Door!"

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